Book page painting (2018)

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Book page painting (2018)

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  • original painting

  • watercolor, collage, 24k gold leaf

  • 5.5" × 9"

  • 8" × 10" framed

  • signed

  • all framed originals are shipped in a box, carefully protected with bubble wrap and foam peanuts to ensure safe arrival. Once placed, orders will be shipped the following week

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This painting belongs to the #the100daysofowlfeelings project I started in 2016 after I stumbled upon an old book at Strand Book Store. At first I started using it for my 100 Fay Project, but over the time 149 year-old "Biographical Dictionary of Judges of England" (1870) became by diary, a keeper of the moments I lived and dreamed of, turned into everyday paintings. One page per day, I give myself permission to be curious and undaunted to explore new mediums and shapes, all while trying to stay honest to my art without the pressures of perfection. I never reproduce those pages as prints to preserve their uniqueness. I like to see how those pages find new homes, fly around the world with their new owners.