This is one of my favorite type of commissions to work on since each of them is like a journey into a new world every single time. This is where I explore the personality, using things like your favorite colors, dreams, things that make you happy and many more as a reference. This is not just making someone look like an owl type-of-a-thing, it's a much deeper and more personalized dive into translating your unique personality, the essence of what makes you - you. Owl here is just a tool that helps to channel your inner world, unique qualities, dreams and quirks. This portrait is a story told using colors, patterns and symbols, hiding in between feathers. 

We will work on this piece together. I like to think of it as a collaboration between me as an artist and a storyteller, and you - as my subject, a main character in your own novel if you will. Once I start working on a piece, we'll have a more detailed conversation, where I'll ask you questions which will help me to develop the concept and ideas for the piece. I'll do a rough sketch and put together a color palette, which we will discuss and make corrections and additions if needed. And then I'll paint the original piece. 

It can be a personal portrait, or portrait of someone close to your heart, perhaps a dear friend, a couple portrait or even a family one. I've done all of them and it's truly an honor to be able to tell those stories.

Painting can be done on watercolor paper, wooden board or even on a page from my antique 150-year old book I use for the #100daysofowlfeelings project. I also offer my customers help and advice with the faming.

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