Eve Devore is a Brooklyn-based fine artist and illustrator with a penchant for visual storytelling. Using watercolor and ink techniques, she captures personalities and moods of people and moments, transforming them into whimsical pieces narrated by vibrant color and fine detail.   

Born in Ukraine to engineer parents, Eve grew up trying to seize the essence of the life around her with the bits of charcoal and pencil, always in her hands. In a way, art had always been a way to a better understanding of her connection to the world.

Although she initially intended to enroll into art school, Eve had instead received her formal education in engineering, and went on to work in the field of sustainable energy. However, still filled with an insatiable desire to create, by night she would clear the floor of her apartment, and paint using her mother’s oil paints. The art she produced at that time reflected feelings of sadness about her all-consuming job, and a deep hunger for happiness and creative fulfillment.

It was only after a move to New York in 2012 that Eve Devore had decided to pursue art as a full-time career. The city represented a fresh start for her, a blank canvas and a place to further discover the artistic passion she kept held. Compelled by the energy of the bustling streets and the fascinating new people around her, she set in motion her fine art career by taking the personality and characteristics of Frida Kahlo--an artist that she deeply admired--and transforming her into a form of an owl.

Crediting that first owl to creative inspiration, Eve has gone-on to create numerous owl paintings, each representing a different and wonderful person or a mood. To Eve, owls mirror wisdom back into the eye of the beholder, inviting the viewer to wonder and invent their own stories about each of her works. By “humanizing owls and owlizing humans”, she celebrates individuality and emphasizes the special quirks, energy, and qualities of each subject she translates. Her ultimate goal is to give people childlike pleasure and joy, and to remind them that true happiness exists in the present moment.  

Currently, Eve is capturing and painting personalities, writing warm narratives to accompany each of her publicly released owl prints, and experimenting with a range of new themes and mediums.

“Most of all, the owls are my own perceptions and scrambled thoughts that I put to canvas in hopes to unscramble them. They are my own story and my wayward take on the wonderful, beautiful, intriguing characters that - in one way or another - come into and influence my life.” 

For as long as I can remember I have had my fingers wrapped around a drawing utensil. From lipstick art on my mother’s vanity mirror, to nail scratch designs on dresser - I had from very early on, designated myself to create art, be it at any cost, with any tool...
— Eve Devore