Pirate Owl

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.
— Andre Gide

The last days of summer and I can't believe it's almost gone! When you're in a middle of a hot New York hurricane, dreaming about chill autumn days, you don't miss it. You learn how to fall asleep with a loud AC working most of the night, you want to set up your home office under a cold shower and pretend you're a fish, trying to escape the stuffy subway at all cost... But still, you will never trade these little three months full of sunshine for anything else. 

I've had so many custom works that I've never shared with you. Some interesting projects and personalities I've worked on for the past few months. They take a significant amount of my time, and I miss every single painting I sent to a new home. It sounds quite sentimental, I know. But I do.

summer shadows


Since 99.9% of my clients are adults, this of Custom Pirate Owl is an exception. I created it for an adventurous little boy, who at the very young age is fond of owls, pirates and music. When we were discussing the details of the painting with his mom, we decided to create a Pirate Owl, who will symbolize adventures and curiosity, with a lego-ship in his wings as a symbol of his always growing curiosity and love to explore new horizons.

I love the result and especially how ultramarine blue feather ornaments play with the red ochre on his west.

Love, Eve