Ukrainian Soccer Player Owl

I want to share one of my last commissions and one of the best customer appreciation pictures I got for it! The morning, I discovered them in my e-mail I couldn’t stop smiling. I have the best clients in the world!

It’s an Owl Portrait a girl commissioned me to do for her boyfriend. I felt a big responsibility because it was his birthday present. I always do.

It was exciting working on in because I had a chance to draw an interesting personality and it was fun to incorporate different sides of it into the painting. He’s a big sweet tooth, a huge soccer fan and works with electric boards. He is Ukrainian and it was a please working on the details and patterns of the national Ukrainian clothing I love so much.

When my client came to pick up the painting, she brought me beautiful flowers! She said that The Owl turned out exactly how she imagined it and she can’t wait to give it to her loved one. It’s an amazing  feeling to see my clients happy!

Love, Eve